Natural Path

Natural Path is one of our three primary suppliers at A Time to Heal. We carry Dr. Steve Marsden's formulas, tinctures, and a selection of his Equine formulas and single herbs. Natural Path got its start in 2003 when participants at a lecture wanted to purchase the same formulas Dr. Marsden was making by hand for his own use, and eliminate concerns about quality control as a variable in outcomes. Natural Path Herb Company was born to fill that need.

Natural Path's plant ingredients are made in an FDA-inspected facility utilizing aseptic GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified methods, achieving an international standard of excellence in the pharmaceutical industry. Their plants are grown on plantations organically under ideal soil, light and moisture conditions, and harvested at the perfect moment. All this ensures that the active ingredients in their herbs are at their maximum levels in every batch and their herbs are sourced using sustainable ecologically sound practice. Their formulas and ingredients are subject to ongoing inspection by organizations such as the FDA to ensure they contain no additives, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, or drug residues.

Natural Path Herb Company
8215 102 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6E4A5
Phone: 1-780-436-3040
Email: naturvet@telus.net