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Thinking of adding Chinese herbal medicine to your holistic practice?

Take A Time To Heal’s Introductory Course in Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine, with Drs. Steve Marsden& Nate Heilman in beautiful Vermont.

In the summer of 2018, over the course of four modules (3 on site, 1 online), you’ll learn how to integrate this powerful system of medicine into daily practice, to solve your most challenging cases. We emphasize classical Chinese medicine, in a very friendly, relaxed, environment. Come and learn classic Chinese medicine, reflected in the theory and medicines that have persisted for centuries.

Emphasis on the Chinese Medical Metaphor

  • Yin and Yang Theory
  • The Vital Substances (Qi’s manifestations)
  • Zang – Fu Organ Physiology and Pathology
  • The Six Heavenly Influences
  • Four Levels of Pathogen Penetration (Wen Bi)
  • Six Phases according to the Shang Han Lun
  • Eight Principle Theory
  • Five Element Theory Case Examples: History Interpretation
  • How to Integrate Acupuncture and Herbalism
  • ...and more

Common Chinese Medical Diagnoses (e.g.)

  • Spleen Qi Deficiency
  • Spleen Qi Deficiency -> Damp Heat/Cold
  • Lung Qi and Yin Deficiency
  • Lung Phlegm (Hot/Cold) Stagnation
  • Heart Blood Deficiency
  • Liver Blood and Yin Deficiency
  • Liver Qi Stagnation
  • Kidney Qi, Yin, and Yang Deficiency
  • Triple Burner/Gall Bladder Obstruction
  • Stomach Heat Patterns
  • ...and many others

80 Herbal Formulas / 130+ Individual Herbs

  • Qi, Blood, Yin, Yang Tonic Herbs & Formulas
  • Qi Moving / Regulating Herbs and Formulas
  • Damp Draining Herbs and Formulas
  • Phlegm Moving Herbs and Formulas
  • Aromatic Herbs that Drain Damp/Expel Wind
  • Downward Draining Herbs/Formulas
  • Blood Moving Herbs and Formulas
  • Herbs and Formulas to stop Bleeding
  • Herbs & Formulas that Extinguish Liver Wind
  • Herbs and Formulas to Calm the Shen
  • ....and several other categories

Module 1: Thursday, June 20- Sunday, June 23, 2019

Module 2: Wednesday, July 24- Saturday, July 27, 2019

Module 3: Thursday, Sept. 19- Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019

Module 4: Online

Advanced Course w/ Drs. Steve Marsden & Erin Bannink: Sunday, July 28- Tuesday, July 30, 2019


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